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Touring and Proximus launch open platform ConnectMy.Car


 Modern and improved mobility thanks to ConnectMy.Car

With their many years of expertise in mobility, innovation and connectivity, Proximus and Touring have jointly developed a completely new product which they are launching today, namely the "ConnectMy.Car" solution. This helps both car drivers and fleet managers to gather and exchange information. Indeed, flexibility and communication are essential for modern and efficient mobility.


GAA New Project Manager


The Global Assistance Alliance (GAA) announces the nomination of Alejandro Parra Novoa as Project Manager for the GAA.

In his new role, Alejandro will be in charge of coordinating all GAA initiatives, in addition to leading, steering, monitoring, controlling and reporting all activities and projects assigned to the GAA working groups. All further activities will be part of the reporting package to the GAA Directors.

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