ARC Europe Group

Mobility for people on the road

Drivers are not only drivers! They are people… on the move with a destination! Cars are not only cars… They are mobile, connected and require specific knowledge to handle them in case of incident.

At ARC Europe we can manage both…and even more!

The ARC Europe Group focuses on people as well as vehicles. We are European market leader in roadside assistance, acting as partners for the main Car Manufacturers all over Europe. We are specialist in mobility, providing a bunch of best-in-class services to final customers, and able to deliver services for:

Your mobility

  • Personal assistance after incident
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Journey continuation
  • Concierge services

Your vehicle

  • Owned patrols fleet for roadside assistance
  • Vehicle diagnosis on the road
  • Emergency call (e-call)
  • Mechanical warranty

Your health

  • Pre-travel advices
  • Hospital admission
  • International Repatriation
  • Dispatch of medicines

Your travel

  • Travel insurance offers
  • Worldwide medical network
  • Cost containment and
    claims management