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GAA New Project Manager

Published on 2/13/2017

The Global Assistance Alliance (GAA) announces the nomination of Alejandro Parra Novoa as Project Manager for the GAA.

Alejandro Parra (30 years old), MBA-Project Manager, obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from a prestigious University in Colombia. He pursued his Master of Science degree at the Polytechnic of Turin in Mechatronic Engineer.

Alejandro has professional experience in Consultancy companies in Italy, worked as project leader in FCA and lately in ARC Europe Group as Automotive Technical Manager. With high performance, he has led different type of projects in the automotive industry and roadside assistance.

ARC Europe Group recruited him in September 2013 as new Automotive Technical Manager. His contributions to the Operations & Network department have brought innovation and more dynamism to the ARC Europe Service provider Network.

Though Alejandro is Colombian at heart, his international academic background and professional experience define him as a global soul and easy to integrate in diverse teams; he constantly embraces change and continues to challenge the status quo. His mother tongue is Spanish, fluent in English & Italian; proficient in French.

In his new role, Alejandro will be in charge of coordinating all GAA initiatives, in addition to leading, steering, monitoring, controlling and reporting all activities and projects assigned to the GAA working groups. All further activities will be part of the reporting package to the GAA Directors.

The intention of the Global Assistance Alliance (GAA) is to provide a global framework for affiliated members of the Global Mobility Alliance (GMA) focusing on retaining and securing B2B OEMs and fleet business contracts, which support current strategies of the GMA affiliated organisations, through developing best practice solutions and sharing business development plans.

The Members of the GAA will consist of the following organisations:
• Club Auto Roadside Services Ltd (Canada);
• ARC Europe Group; (Europe)
• AAA (United States of America);
• Australian Motoring Services Pty Ltd (AMS) (Australia)

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